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Daphne Rebecca (‘Hewreb’)

Daphne Rebecca is an excellent evergreen shrub with attractive fragrant blooms. It flowers at a valuable time of year – January to March – and then its foliage brings color to the garden till the end of autumn. Blooming in the winter with clusters of deep rose-pink flowers makes this plant a prize for the warm temperate garden. Flowers are followed by pretty red fruits that contrast against the glossed leathery dark green leaves. The variegated leaves have a broad yellow edge that really makes an impact. Daphne Rebecca has proved hardier than the green-leaved original. Suitable ideally in light shade and a fertile, well drained soil. Plant in a large tub and position near the house where the scent can be fully appreciated. The plant is modest in size, 4’ x 4’, so with its three appeals – flower, fragrance and foliage – it’s an ideal plant for small gardens.

Origin: United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:
• USDA Zone 7 (5°F or -17°C)
• Best in light shade in a semi slightly acidic soil
• Fantastic fragrant blooms

Patent Status: US Plant Patent: #18,368

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