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Dianthus Early Birds™ Series

Whetman®’s new range of Early Birds™ Dianthus start flowering at the end of February or the beginning of March, depending on your location, and if you remove the spent blooms, they will continue to rebloom right through to fall. They make excellent subjects for window boxes, baskets or planters.

Chili (‘WP10 SAB06’): Bold electric pink double flowers are carried on sturdy stems. This color is a great addition to the range.
Fizzy (‘WP08 VER03’): An explosion of pale lavender petals with serrated edges and deep purple centers. Wonderfully perfumed. Very long-flowering.
Frosty (‘WP10 VEN06’): Wonderfully fragrant large double blooms, pure white in color carried on sturdy stems. Dianthus Radiance (‘WP08 MAR05’): Fully double crimson red blooms on a well balanced plant. Very early blooming.
Sherbet (‘WP08 NIK03’): Large magenta fully double flowers on a compact plant.

Origin: Whetman Pinks Ltd, United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:
• USDA Zone 5.  (-20°F or -28°C).
• Standout early season fragrant double blooms.
• Unique compact habit, ideal for early season planters
• Repeat blooming.

Patent Status:
Chili (‘WP10 SAB06’) (PPAF)
Fizzy (‘WP08 VER03’) (PP 21,394)
Frosty (‘WP10 VEN06’) (PPAF)
Radiance (‘WP08 MAR05’) (PP 21,824)
Sherbet (‘WP08 NIK03’) (PP, 21,418)


Dianthus Chili

Dianthus Fizzy

Dianthus Frosty

Dianthus Radiance

Dianthus Sherbet

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