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Gaura "Fountain" Series

Gaura Pink Fountain and Snow Fountain have extraordinary habits and are very floriferous. They have a strong, woody, upright growth to 24-30. Stems are significantly stronger than other cultivars and never become floppy. These Gauras make an excellent production crop because of their sturdy, upright growth habit and heavy heavy bloom. They will perform well in the border and are also terrific in containers.

Origin: United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:
• USDA Zone 5.  (-20°F or -28°C).
• Masses of soft pink and white blooms.
• Heavy lateral branching giving a dense plant habit.

• Exceptionally long flowering period. Great for the commercial landscape.

Patent Status:
Gaura Pink Fountain (‘Walgaupf’): US PP #15,555
Gaura Snow Fountain ‘Walsnofou’): US PP #19,376

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Gaura Pink Fountain

Gaura Snow Fountain

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