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Hydrangea You-Me Forever
(‘RIE 1’)

Hydrangea You-Me Forever is a deciduous shrub that exhibits large medium-green leaves and flowers that are yellow-green to dark pink in color. The flowers bloom continuously in spring and summer. When an individual flower first opens, it looks like a ‘lace cap’ type with large sterile flowers on the edge. However, unlike the ‘lace cap’ type Hydrangea, the inflorescence eventually fills out completely creating both a mop head effect with double flowers. Forever exhibits rigid, strong basal branches. Forever can be grown for use as an indoor floral potted plant and an outdoor ornamental flowering shrub. It blooms continuously from early April to September.

Description / Plant Notes:
• USDA Zone 5.  (-15°F or -28°C).  
• Elegant double blooms. 
• Sturdy upright stems, no lax spreading growth habit.

Patent Status: US Plant Patent # PP16,618

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