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Magnolia 'Genie'

Magnolia ‘Genie’ is the result of 15 years of breeding resulting in a compact, small tree maturing at perhaps 10-13 feet tall. Sensational black-red buds open to small globular tulip-shaped blooms of deep rich maroon-purple on both surfaces, with nicely reflexed tepal tips paling to a lighter magenta rose shade. ‘Genie’ has lightly scented blooms from early spring to early summer, and mid to late summer where conditions are not too dry.

Origin: New Zealand

Description / Plant Notes:
• USDA Zone 5 expected.
• Stable color.
• Repeat summer blooming.
• Tidy pyramidal habit 10’ x 5’ the perfect tree for smaller yards.  

Patent Status: US Plant Patent: # 20748

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