PlantHaven, Inc. is pleased to introduce Vinca minor 'Illumination,' a stunning new variegated vinca, something entirely new for the species.

'Illumination' is now available for sales to growers, retailers and landscapers from select North America nurseries. See the Source List page for our 30-plus growers and propagators, including contact information. Vinca_Basket

What makes 'Illumination' so unique? The foliage sports golden centers with green margins, a variegation unlike any other V. minor. Blue flowers contrast nicely with the foliage. 'Illumination' has performed exceptionally well in a number of light, moisture and soil conditions. It has a vigorous growth habit, is hardy in USDA Zone 4 and it has no known pest or disease problems. Our Fact Sheet has much more information.

'Illumination' was discoverd by Christy Hensler of The Rock Garden, a retail nursery in Newport, Washington, USA. Read the wonderful story of its discovery and of Christy's interest in plants on the Breeder Page.

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